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Compliance Attorney

If you are a dentist, chiropractor, veterinarian, or medical provider, there are many compliance issues that you need to be aware of and observe. These issues include, but are not limited to, medical record compliance, professional reporting and permits, employee wage and hour laws, insurance matters, discrimination and harassment, employee leave, OSHA, and HIPPA privacy rules.

LaMaster Law is here to protect you and your practice. Specializing in compliance matters for dentists, veterinarians, and medical providers, we provide you with the guidance and expertise critical to the security of your practice.

What We Offer

  1. HIPAA Compliance. HIPAA privacy regulations requires health care providers, such as dentists, chiropractors and physicians to develop and follow procedures that ensure the confidentiality and security of protected health information (PHI). We can assist you with remote or on-site assistance in the areas of policy review, business associate audits, review of electronic security using the National Institutes for Standards and Technology (NIST) guidelines, and staff training.
  2. OSHA Compliance: Proper infection control practices are the cornerstone of safe, quality care.  We can assist you with OSHA compliance through our on-site mock inspections, manual updates, product evaluation, and staff training. Whether you need comprehensive OSHA compliance services or simply a refresher, we make compliance easy! We will also aggressively represent you in OSHA compliance claims.
  3. Insurance Audits: Practices today are often subject to a variety of insurance provider contracts. Many of those contracts have onerous provisions that impose certain duties and obligations on the practice. If those provisions are not met you may be met with legal demands and lose of your ability to accept payment from the insurance provider. We will represent you in insurance audits and legal demands by insurance companies.
  4. Employment Law Compliance: We assist with employment law compliance to ensure you do not incur penalties for complicated issues such as improper employee classification (exempt vs. non-exempt employees), independent contractor vs. employee status, payroll deductions, medical leave, overtime, lunch or rest breaks and wage disputes.
  5. CE Approved HIPAA Compliance Seminars: LaMaster Law provides CE approved seminars to dentists, chiropractors, and physicians across the country on the topic of HIPAA Compliance "Reducing HIPAA Exposure in 5 Easy Steps." Learn more about our seminars.

The Benefits of Working with LaMaster Law

  1. Save Money: Penalties for non-compliance can be very costly. By utilizing an experienced attorney to assist your practice in compliance matters you can reduce your chances of expensive fines and penalties.
  2. Save Time and Frustration: Our experts take the time to educate you and your team on complex compliance matters. Compliance issues can be frustrating and extremely time consuming for many professionals. Using LaMaster Law to help with your compliance will give you peace of mind and allow you to practice your profession.
  3. Increase the Value of Your Practice: When selling your practice, a compliant practice enhances the value of the practice.

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