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The LaMaster Law Firm, PLLC. provides comprehensive, hands-on legal and business services for dentists and veterinarians in Michigan, Wisconsin, and Florida. Unlike other firms, we are uniquely qualified to provide innovative legal solutions that will empower you to Master Your Future.

Founded by attorney Matt LaMaster, the firm offers exceptional business and legal counseling on a wide range of matters. We routinely work with clients in connection with the purchase and sale of existing practices and help others navigate the complexities of forming a new business. We also handle related real estate, employment law, and regulatory matters. We are committed to helping our clients establish successful practices.

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Buying and Selling a Practice

Buying a practice is an exciting venture, but also a complex transaction that hinges on many facets of law. Similarly, selling a practice involves significant tax, legal and lifestyle implications for those at the end of their careers. We have a unique ability to distill the process and help buyers and sellers alike to successfully navigate these intricate transitions.

We have extensive experience negotiating basic sale terms, conducting due diligence reviews, negotiating and preparing letters of intent, as well as purchase agreements, non-compete and non-solicit agreements. We provide a powerful combination of knowledge and experience that will help you achieve your professional and business objectives.

Practice Start-up

Whether you are launching or expanding a practice as a dentist or veterinarian, LaMaster Law can help you manage a host of legal and administrative matters. First, it is essential to choose the appropriate business structure with an eye toward tax planning and risk management. It is also crucial to take a long view when considering budgeting, production capabilities, business and marketing plans and financing a practice start-up.

Our approach is to custom tailor business formations for clients who are looking to take advantage of exciting new opportunities or build an established practice. At LaMaster Law, we are well-versed in contract review and negotiation, lease negotiations and employment matters.

Associate Agreements

Associateships can be mutually beneficial arrangements for both the associate and the practice. For a practice owner, an associate relationship will enhance revenues and decrease the workload. At the same time, an associate will gain needed income and experience. Ultimately, a well-designed associate agreement will clarify the duties, obligations, and rights of each party.

If your objective is to hire an associate for your dental practice, for example, we design agreements that are well suited to protect your interest and incentivize the associate dentist to produce for your practice. At the same time, we actively cultivate relationships with dental students so that they can protect their interests as they enter the field.

Real Estate

Buying or expanding a practice often involves acquiring commercial property, which requires careful planning and arranging for financing. At LaMaster Law, we have extensive experience negotiating and preparing purchase and sale contracts and helping clients secure the necessary financing. By collaborating with a network of real estate professionals, we work diligently to expediently close these transactions.

Likewise, starting a practice typically entails obtaining space in a professional medical complex. We guide our clients in obtaining prime locations that will promote their business and routinely negotiate and review leases to ensure their interests are protected.

Superior Legal and Personal Service for Dentists and Veterinarians

Over his many years of practice, Matt LaMaster has seen the powerful effect that proper legal representation can have on a practice. He provides legal insights and designs cost effective strategies that are vital for success.

Whether you are new to your profession, starting-up a practice, entering into an associate relationship, buying or leasing an office location, looking to buy or sell a practice, or have other business goals, LaMaster Law has the legal knowledge and business acumen that is essential for designing and implementing real world solutions.  By engaging our services, you will be well positioned to take advantage of the opportunities that are available to you. Call our office today at (248) 301-0123 for a consultation.

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