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Associateships can benefit both the associate and the practice. When properly constructed, an associate relationship can mean increased revenues and decreased workload for a practice owner, and essential income and experience for an associate.

LaMaster Law specializes in negotiating and analyzing Associate work agreements for dental and veterinarian professionals. We provide guidance and counseling critical to a successful associate relationship.

What We Offer

  1. Associate Agreements: Whether you are hiring an independent contractor or an employee, you will want an agreement setting forth the duties and obligations of each party. We help negotiate the terms of these agreements, including:
    • Status (employee or independent contractor);
    • Compensation, including incentive bonuses;
    • Termination for cause and without cause;
    • Restrictive covenants, including non-compete and non-solicits;
    • Working conditions and fringe benefits.
  2. Representation for Employment Disputes: We have advised employers and Associates on a broad range of disputes stemming from poorly constructed agreements, or in situations where no written agreement existed. We will assist you in finding a solution most accommodating to your situation.
  3. Associate’s Buy-In Agreements: If the employer or the Associate wants to have the option to buy in, it should be included in the Associate Agreement as an option to purchase or as a right of first refusal. An option to purchase allows the associate an absolute right to buy in at any time during the time specified, whereas a right of first refusal gives the Associate the right to buy in after a third party has made an offer or if employer wants to sell the practice.
  4. Partnership Agreements: If you are in a position that you want to create a partnership to co-own the practice, rather than hiring an Associate, we can prepare and structure a Partnership Agreement for you. A well-written Partnership Agreement can address most problems within a partnership, such as decision making authority, conflicts of interest, participation and control, strategic buy/sell agreements, and apportioning liabilities.
  5. CE Approved Employment Seminars: LaMaster Law provides CE approved seminars to dentists, veterinarians, and physicians across the country on the topic of Associate Employment Agreements. Our team educates on the students, new professionals, and employers in order to help them achieve more favorable terms. Learn more about our seminars.

The Benefits of Working with LaMaster Law

  1. Make More Money or Save Money: We prepare and negotiate Associate Agreements so that you will have an opportunity to make more money as an Associate, and save money as employer.
  2. Save Time and Frustration: We will handle the entire negotiation process from start to finish, representing you in all dealings with your Associate or potential employer.
  3. Increase Your Value: When hiring an Associate you can increase your practice’s value with a well written Associate Agreement. As an Associate you can increase your value through gaining experience of working with a reputable practice.

We work with dental professionals and veterinarians. We will discuss the factors and the steps necessary for a successful Associate relationship, whether you’re the employer or Associate. We are well-versed in Associate Agreements and can ensure your interests are fully protected. Contact us today!