What equipment do you need to run a dental practice?

If you are opening a new dental practice, it is crucial to focus on the dental equipment you will need. Similarly, making upgrades to an existing practice with new equipment can add value. Whether you are purchasing or leasing dental equipment, it is wise to consult with an experienced dental lawyer to make sure you get the best deal.

Acquiring Dental Equipment

There are a number of professional dental suppliers that can provide practitioners with the right equipment. A variety of wholesale products are available on a long-term basis, including:

Patient Chairs

Patient chairs are one of the most important pieces of equipment you need for a dental practice.

Key features you should look for include:

  • Movable armrests to help patients get in and out of the chairs easily
  • Programmable positions or a touchpad or footswitch that allows you to make adjustments depending on the type of work being done

In short, you need to choose a chair design that is ergonomic – designed for both efficiency and comfort – so that your patients have a satisfying experience.

Sterilization Equipment

Sterilization equipment is critically important for a dental practice to mitigate the spread of infection. Sterilizing all of your tools keeps them safe, efficient, and effective. Ultimately, sterilization equipment:

  • Eliminates cross-contamination
  • Reduces the risk of illness or disease being transferred to patients
  • Prevents injury from manually washing equipment


Obviously, X-ray imaging instruments are necessary to accurately diagnose and treat a patient’s dental condition. Dental imaging can help locate the early signs of cavities, infections, and gum disease so that patients can be treated as quickly as possible. In particular, upgrading to digital X-ray technology will:

  • Reduce radiation and improve efficiency in your practice
  • Provide higher resolution images
  • Allow you to share images across different devices to other professionals instantly
  • Improve the efficiency of your practice


The right dental handpieces are necessary for routine appointments and surgical procedures. Whether handpieces are electrical or high-speed airdriven, they must be functional, feel comfortable in your hand, and allow you to balance their weight during procedures.

Dental Lights

If your practice includes dental surgery, dental operating lights improve your chances of success. Optimal lighting conditions allow for proper diagnosis and the ability to monitor what is going on during a procedure. In particular, dental lights with different swing arm adjustments and options will help you adjust the flow and direction of the light for each patient.


Finally, your practice must have a good storage solution that allows you to quickly access the materials you need. Cabinetry for your dental practice should be both aesthetically pleasing and durable. Options include center island cabinets, size cabinets, and mobile cabinets.

The Takeaway

Having the right equipment is essential for any dental practice, but there are many factors to consider from arranging for financing to mitigating potential liabilities. The best way to secure the right dental equipment and plan your growth strategy is to consult with a lawyer who represents dental professionals.