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Do you want to open your own dental practice in Florida, but don’t know where to begin?  Or, perhaps you’re already a practice owner looking to expand.  Whatever your endeavor, LaMaster Law can assist you in developing your dental practice here in Florida.  LaMaster Law has worked with many dentists in Florida to help establish their practices. Our services include the following:

Starting your own practice from the ground up can be a very exciting process for the entrepreneurial dentist, especially in the state of Florida.  But, the actual work and legal process of getting a practice off the ground can be intimidating for someone just breaking into the business scene. LaMaster Law offers guidance and counseling tailored specifically to your needs as you embark on your new business venture.  From naming your practice and forming your business entities to negotiating your office, LaMaster Law is here to help.

As attorneys who specialize in Florida dental practice start-ups, our firm also offers CE-approved seminars to dental professionals throughout the State of Florida. Our seminars aim to give you a broad overview on the legal considerations dentists typically face when starting their own practice.  By providing you with a solid legal foundation at the start, we can assure you greater stability and success practicing dentistry in the State of Florida.

Buying or Selling a Dental Practice in Florida

Perhaps you have hopes of buying an existing practice or are looking to sell one.  LaMaster Law can help you prepare the legal documents to make a successful transition.  We offer to draw up a letter of intent for a smooth negotiation and satisfactory transition process.  We also draft essential legal documents including:

  • Letters of Intent- the document that states the purchaser’s intent to acquire the assets or equity of the dental practice.
  • Purchase Agreements- a contract detailing the means and process of the transaction and all the terms of sale involved therein, whether it be an asset sale or stock/membership sale.
  • Non-Compete and Non-Solicit Agreements- which establish boundaries for potentially competing business interests between buyer and seller.
  • Seller’s Post-Sale Employment Agreement- the parties will sometime agree to allow the Seller to continue working at the practice pursuant to an associate or independent contractor agreement after the sale.
  • LaMaster Law will represent you at the closing to ensure you receive all that is entailed in the above documentations.

Florida Dental Associate Agreements

The particulars of a dental associate agreement can be complex if you are unfamiliar with the proper structure and Florida laws.  LaMaster Law has years of experience in drafting and formulating dental associate agreements for employers and employees.

LaMaster Law works closely with numerous dental companies and corporations in the State of Florida to draft and review associate or independent contractor agreements.  Our firm focuses on the main aspects of the agreement, from an employee’s status (employee or independent contractor), compensation and incentive bonuses, fringe benefits, details of an employee’s termination, and restrictive covenants such as non-compete, non-solicit, and confidentiality.

If necessary, LaMaster Law is prepared to provide representation for disputes between employees and employers.  We work to help all parties come to the best reasonable solution that is in the greatest interest of everyone.  However, in the event that such terms cannot be reached mutually among the parties involved, an experienced litigation attorney will assist you.

For those associates out there, Matt LaMaster lectures at a variety of dental schools, conventions and local dental associations to help new dentists protect themselves from the common pitfalls of dental associate agreements. If you are an associate and want your associate agreement reviewed, feel free to contact us.

Buying or Selling Real Estate in Florida

If you are interested in acquiring your own property in Florida instead of leasing from a landlord, LaMaster Law is capable of helping you step by step through the process. Our firm will work closely with you through the legal process in route to a successful real estate transaction.

With the assistance of many dedicated experts, LaMaster Law can make sure that the property you seek is right for your business. We utilize the expertise of accountants, realtors, dental-specific lenders, and dental real estate brokers to set the framework for a plan in purchasing your ideal commercial real estate.

Once you have made your decision, we will begin by reviewing or drafting a letter of intent and a real estate purchase agreement for you. Once a purchase agreement is signed, the most important work is just getting started. Some important questions will need to be answered, including:

  • What due diligence will be performed for the real estate?
  • Is there environmental testing being conducted?
  • Who is ordering title and are there any defects in title that need to be cured?

As an experienced real estate law firm for dentists, LaMaster Law can provide you peace of mind. We help you complete the necessary legal documents and help you close the deal.

Lease Negotiations in Florida

As an entrepreneurial dentist, you need a location for your new practice.  If you’re not going to buy the real estate, your second option is to lease the office space for your new practice in Florida. One of the highest expenses in running a dental practice is the cost associated with the real estate, so it’s essential that you understand your lease and properly negotiate the terms. LaMaster Law offers services that take the burden of this responsibility so you can worry about the most important part of your practice…performing dentistry.

We work to come to terms on a lease either in its initial term or its renewal that will see to your best interests while maintaining good faith on all sides.  Our firm will negotiate these critical terms aggressively and be candid with you throughout the process. At LaMaster Law, each and every time you contact us you will speak to an attorney experienced in lease negotiations. We will review the terms of the lease and identify any terms that may be undesirable to your practice. We help structure leases on your behalf that will see to your financial stability and minimizing personal liability.

If you are considering starting, buying, selling or currently own a dental practice in Florida, don’t hesitate to contact LaMaster Law Firm for all of your business law needs.