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Are you starting a new practice?

Veterinarian and dental practice start ups are exciting, whether it’s the first practice of a professional’s career or an additional practice for a fast growing company. And while the thought of a new practice may be exciting, there are many administrative and legal matters that must be performed in order to start your practice.

LaMaster Law has experience working with dentists and veterinarians starting their own practice. We know the best ways to mitigate against the various pitfalls awaiting the entrepreneurial professional, and we give you experienced assistance from an attorney with knowledge in your field.

There are many factors to consider when opening a new practice. Some considerations include:

  • Forming a new entity and selecting a name
  • Forming a realistic budget based on expenses and production capabilities
  • Existing non-compete restrictions from your current employer
  • Hiring employees
  • Securing a good location and lease on reasonable terms
  • Identifying a qualified and experienced accountant, suppliers, and other professionals
  • Building-out and construction of the practice location
  • Realistic business and marketing plans
  • Financing the practice

What We Offer

  1. Company Formation: Forming the entity and naming your new practice is exciting and fulfilling. We will educate you on your formation options and complete all of the necessary documentation associated with opening a new business under state and federal law.
  2. Contract Review and Negotiation: When opening a new practice you will be entering into a variety of contracts, it’s important to have a trusted counselor review those contracts for hidden risks so that you are properly protected. We will review your contracts and negotiate the most favorable terms for your new practice.
  3. Lease Negotiations: We negotiate and review the lease and walk you through the process with your landlord or tenant, from start to finish. We identify critical legal provisions and hidden pitfalls in your lease, and develop a lease specifically for you.
  4. Employment Matters: Opening new dental practice start ups often requires the hiring of a few key employees. We will work with you from ground zero to ensure that you comply with state and federal laws. We also help you create policy and procedures for you to protect your practice.
  5. Industry Connections: Assembling a team of trusted professionals is an integral part of starting a practice. We will help identify and work with your team to ensure your success. From accountants, practice consultants, suppliers, brokers, lenders, technology specialists, we can get you in contact with a great team.
  6. CE Approved Practice Start Up Seminars: LaMaster Law provides CE approved seminars to dentists, and veterinarians across the country on the topic of “Starting Your Practice: A Legal Primer for Start-Ups.” Our team educates on the legal considerations that must be taken into consideration when opening a new practice. Learn more about our seminars.

Working with LaMaster Law for Veterinarian or Dental Practice Start Ups

  1. Proper Formation: The specific business structure for your practice can dictate a lot of what can happen in future for your practice. We work with you and your specific situation to ensure that your entity is properly formed in your best interests. You can rest easy knowing that your practice is starting on the right track and will soon have an entity that will work best for you.
  2. Educational: All of our clients experience a different type of legal service. We educate and truly counsel you so that you are empowered to Master Your Future.
  3. Protections: When you’re starting your practice from scratch you have the ability to work with us so that we can incorporate legal protections from the beginning.
  4. Save Money: Our practice start up services put you on solid ground so that can focus on your practice and not the legal issues that may come up during formation. We can save you hundreds of thousands of dollars over the life of your practice by ensuring proper formation and negotiating contracts during your start up.
  5. Save Time and Frustration: We can handle the entire start up process from start to finish, working with you from formation to acquiring your practice location.

Contact Us Today for your Dental Practice Startup Attorney or Veterminary Practice Start Up Attorney.

We provide legal services for dentists and veterinarians starting a new practice, regardless of where you are in your career. We will discuss the factors and the steps necessary to move your goals and dreams forward. There is not a more exciting time than now, when you’re starting up your own practice. Our goal is to make the process as smooth and educational as possible. Contact us today!