Knowledge is Power. LaMaster Law enjoys arming professionals with the knowledge and expertise critical for the health and long-term security of your professional career and practice. Each one of our CE eligible presentations is specifically tailored for your industry and your unique needs.

Our presentations include topics relating to starting, selling, and buying a practice; associate agreements; and, HIPAA compliance. Some of the most popular presentations include:

  • “Starting Your Practice: A Legal Primer for Start Ups”
  • “Buying a Practice: Legally Speaking”
  • “Selling Your Practice: Legally Speaking”
  • “Student to Associate: What The Associate Must Know About Associate Contracts”
  • “Hiring Associates: What The Practice Must Know About Associate Contracts”
  • “Avoiding 7 Common Traps with Office Leases”
  • “Reducing HIPAA Exposure in 5 Easy Steps”

For more information on scheduling Matt LaMaster for your association, study group, or next event, contact us at 269-760-1499, or connect with us here.