How to Grow Your Patient Base

Today, the practice of dentistry has become increasingly competitive due to an influx of dental school graduates, a rise in the number of solo and group practices, and the advance of dental corporations, all of which give consumers more choices. Given this competitive environment, the question for dentists is how to grow and retain their patient base. In short, it is essential to engage in a contemporary internet marketing strategy while simultaneously improving the patient experience.

Search Engine Marketing

Unless your practice is still operating in the dark ages of the 20th Century, it is crucial for prospective patients to be able to find you online. This starts by having a state-of-the-art website and employing a search engine marketing strategy. While many practices have taken the first step, many websites are not updated. In order to optimize your search engine rankings, however, it is crucial to have fresh content.

At the same time, the content should allow consumers to quickly see the value of your practice’s services. In this regard, the content should be easy to read, and not written with a lot of dental jargon. Moreover, the content should highlight areas that set you apart from the competition. Do you offer flexible financing options? Do you offer evening and weekend hours? Do you provide specialty treatments? All of these matters should be addressed on your webpages.

Additionally, your internet marketing strategy should capture people who rely on social media to find products and services that they are seeking. In particular, it is important to take advantage of free online reviews through sites such as Yelp and Facebook. Finally, another way to enhance online engagement is through video by providing virtual office tours, explaining procedures and sharing patient testimonials.

The Patient Experience

Once your site is up and running and you have a search engine marketing strategy in place to optimize your rankings, it is crucial to convert viewers to patients as well as to retain them. In this regard, providing patients with exceptional service that is convenient, makes the patient experience more comfortable, and most importantly results in successful outcomes. 

The Takeaway

In the final analysis, navigating the contemporary dentistry landscape requires a comprehensive approach that marries cutting edge digital technology with tried and true quality treatment.

At the same time, it is also crucial to properly manage the business and legal risks associated with running a successful dental practice. In this regard, you are well advised to seek the advice and counsel of an attorney who provides legal services to dental professionals.